2019 Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable

The 1st Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable (APCER) was organized at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 16-18 Oct 2019, including the 2-day forum and 1-day site visits. Organized by Taiwan Circular Economy Network with the joint efforts by over 25 actors in supervision, cooperation, and assistance across the public sector and the civil society, it presented a new opportunity to talk on circular economy with 67 speakers and 439 participants from 18 countries worldwide.

Mr. Janez Potočnik, the UNEP International Resource Panel, Co-chair, was invited for the first time to give an opening speech. Vice President Chen Chien-jen was invited to give a remark and serve as a witness to the foundation and the declaration of Taiwan Circular Economy 100 (TCE 100) that has become a significant milestone to the circular economy in Taiwan and the Asia- Pacific region in 2019.

A Systematic Program Planning- Discover New Frontier in a Circular Economy

Circular Economy Transition Roadmap for Enterprise (Read more)

"Circular Economy Transition Roadmap for Enterprise" was released and the program was designed systematically to allow the participants to not only seize the new opportunities of circular economy, but also gain insight into the reason why circular economy is an important trend for global industries and market nowadays, and understand three major strategies for implementation-Product as a Service, High-value Utilization of Resource, and Systems Collaboration.


11 topics focusing on Inspiration and Implementation as well as 5 Site Visit Routes were available, painting a clear picture of circular economy concepts, practices for implementation, and enormous potential benefits of the circular economy.

Plenary Sessions - Implementation of the Sustainable Development via a Circular Economy

The linear economy model that hugely consumes natural resources is not merely the root causes to global environmental crises like climate change, resource depletion, and soil degradation, but also contributes to the slowdown of economic growth and social injustice. Hence, to realize the UN`s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is imperative for us to change the means and logic of resource utilization in human society with a circular economy.

Keynote 1: Transition to a Circular Economy - Why, Who, and How

Janez Potočnik, Co-chair, UNEP International Resource Panel

Keynote 2: Towards a Circular Taiwan - New Frontier

Charles Huang, Chairman and Founder, Taiwan Circular Economy Network

▶Pioneering Perspectives

Renowned brands and pioneers in circular economy shared the opportunities presented in a circular economy and the means to its promotion.

Parallel Session

A transition to a circular economy entails a transition from standing alone to an interdependent "culture of collaboration". Participants learned how to build resource cycle systems across industries to improve the productivity of resources, and the practical experience of enterprises about how these means reduce the consumption of resources and operation cost, creating higher values with fewer resources. 

▶3 Resource Cycle Systems            ▶3 Transformative Strategies 

▶3 Strategies for Cross-sector


Site Visits

▶Bio Cycle

▶Textile Cycle


▶Plastic Cycle

▶Metal Cycle and Cross-sector Collaboration


▶Energy Efficiency and Industrial Symbiosis

A Well-rounded Experience With Circular Economy

The organizer and the executors jointly dedicated themselves in circular designs. Aiming for zero waste, the approaches we employed were mostly aligned with "reduction-service recycling- remanufacturing". All the decors in the event were recyclable for reuse, while local or imperfect produce were introduced in the cuisine served in the venue as well as in the gala dinner. The event thus became a model for the circular economy events in Taiwan while granting a well-rounded experience with circular economy.

(Photo: Exhibitions of circular products)

(Photo: SDGs-themed gala dinner)

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