Our Belief

Circular economic thinking can allow for the decoupling of economic growth and resource
consumption. We look toward nature to learn, create a system of various roles, and

work together to create a better, circular Taiwan.


Taiwan Circular Economy Network is the first non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the circular economy in Taiwan. It was established in 2015 by Charles Huang, founder of the Taiwan Composting Association, author of the first book in Taiwan on the topic, “Circular Economy” (循環經濟), published in 2017.

Our Aims
Policy Initiatives
  • Ensure that circular economic thinking is integrated into key national economic development policies, to create a favourable environment for the development of a circular economy

  • Promote policy and legislation that facilitates the transformation of waste into resources

  • Strategies to manage regional and local resources which impel local industrial development programs that will improve resource efficiency strategies and create jobs

Publicity and Education

  • Communicate and promote the concept of a circular economy

  • Share similar cases of circular economy thinking around the globe

  • Raise awareness of circular economy through courses, media publicity, and the establishment of public groups on the topic


Domestic government, businesses, universities, researchers, NGOs, media

Cooperation and exchange with other organizations to promote the circular economy in Taiwan’s policy development, industrial changes transformation, and education. Collaborate on lectures, forums, special reports, etc.

Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO) :

TCEN and NTIO signed MOU to promote circular economy affairs to foster cooperation between the Netherlands and Taiwan. Currently we are working together to bring Taiwanese media and government to see and understand Dutch circular economy efforts.

Circular Economy in Organizations and Business
Share an understanding and promote the experience of the circular economy. Have a thorough grasp on the newest tools and methodologies, such as tools which analyze the flow of energy and materials, circular economy business model simulations workshop, and the tools used by the government to integrate the circular economy.

Circular Taiwan Network

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