Manufactured in Taiwan to Remanufactured in Taiwan Report

Remanufacturing is the key to High Value Utilization

Remanufacturing is a recycling program that allows a used product to be recreated into a new product at almost half the production cost. Since the new product that is created might have an even higher level of performance or durability than the original product, the new product is seen as an item with a high business, environmental, and societal value.


Two international corporations that have embraced remanufacturing is Philips and Rolls Royce. By combining remanufacturing and innovation, their new products bring a new high-value and competitive edge to their perspective companies.

We hope this report will encourage more industries, government, and research institutes to jointly promote the development of Taiwan’s remanufacturing industry.

This report will present the following:

  •  How to transcend the drive to lower cost and exhaust resources to create a product with high business, environmental, and societal value.

  • Cost-benefit analysis for businesses

  • Accuracy, standard, and value retention comparison

  • Case studies of product service and industry integration 4.0

  • Development potentials and obstacles, actions that can be taken by government and businesses

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