Netherlands Circular Hotspot Trade Mission

In 2012, the EU signed a declaration to transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. The Netherlands, being one of the most advanced nations with regards to circular economy, plays a large role in the policy planning aspect of the transition. In 2016, the Netherlands launched the Netherlands Circular Hotspot in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to try to create links between other countries and businesses to foster and inspire the implementation of the circular economy.

In April 2016, TCEN traveled to the Netherlands to attend The Netherlands Circular Hotspot Trade Mission, a three day event for government representatives, businesses, and non-profit organizations from around the world. The aim was to develop a better understanding of the inner workings of the Netherlands' which is taking a successful mission to transition to a circular economy.

Day 1

More than 140 attendees from around the world to listen to the internationally renowned architect Thomas Rau introduce the innovative circular design of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. Also present was the CEO of the Schiphol Group, Jos Nijhuis, who spoke about the development of the airport's design. William McDonough, a designer and one of the first to espouse the now-famous "cradle-to-cradle" philosophy, also spoke about how the 21st century is an ecological century and argues that a circular economy was necessary to achieve this goal.

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands

(Left to right: Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City MT Wang, Founder of TCEN Charles Huang,

Prince Carlos Duke of Parma, and Guy Wittich representative from the

Day 2

On the second day, the attendees were introduced to the development of the development of the circular economy in the city of Amsterdam. They visited the Innovation EXPO, which showcased much of the development of recycling in the city. The Prime Minister was also in attendance, and he spoke of the cities visions for the future of the circular economy.

Day 3

The delegates visited Park 20|20, which was built based on the cradle to cradle concept, meaning all components are part of a closed loop.

A Circular Trade Fair was also held to foster the exchange of ideas and enhance the practice of circular economy.

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