Integration is vital towards a circular economy!

Photographed at the Circular Economy Inter-Department Workshop.

In early March, with the assistance of the Taiwan Circular Economy Network and the support of the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office , the Circular Economy Promotion Office organized a "Circular Economy Inter-Department Workshop".

The Netherlands Trade and Investment Office was represented by Guy Wittich who kicked off the workshop. The workshop was conducted by the Sustainable Development Division of Industrial Development Bureau, and Freek van Eijk, the Managing Director of Holland Circular Hotspot, was invited to give a keynote speech. He shared his experience, emphasizing the role of central and local governments in promoting the transformation of the economic model, and how the Dutch government and industry cooperates and divides labor.

Director of Advocacy, Esther Tung, shared Taiwan's circular economy trends and opportunities.

The Circular Economy Promotion Office shares the results and future plans of Taiwan's circular economy policy. The Taiwan Circular Economy Network was also shared by the Director of Advocacy, Esther Tung, on Taiwan's circular economy trends and opportunities. From the two global challenges of marine plastic waste and climate change, everyone is led to think about the root cause of the problem. By changing the way resources are used, the circular economy will become an important solution to marine waste and climate change!


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