Learn More about Taiwan's Progress toward a Circular Economy on "Taiwan Landscape"

via Remi Yuan on Unsplash

Moving toward a circular economy is an urgent need for Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, ranked 19th in terms of countries with highest population density worldwide in 2018. The country, however, has very limited domestic resources and imports about 98% of its energy. To ensure sustainable growth, Taiwan urges for transformative change in the economy. By using resources more efficiently, Taiwan is able to retain resources within the island and reduce dependence on imports. In other words, shifting from a linear economy to a circular economy is the goal that the country must strive for. The government of Taiwan along with business and civil society have been devoted to accelerating the transformation. Taiwan Circular Economy Network has made a list of important circular economy progress in Taiwan.

Click "Taiwan Landscape" to find out Taiwan's recent progress!

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