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Expecting a Different Future? We Need a Different Vision and Action

In recent decades, the economic development in Taiwan has faced several crises, what we tend to do is merely solving the urgent problems without holistically analyzing the core issues of the crises. Thus, we had missed many chances to turn crises into opportunities. We have to admit that past industrial development strategy “Knee-jerk reflex” has reached its limitation. The only way for Taiwan to bring its people together and to rebuild its international competitiveness is through a reconstruction of its economic framework. However, given the fact that Taiwan is resource scarce, how should it reconstruct its currently established development?


Taiwan needs to reconstruct its economic development model systematically based on a circular economy. A circular economy state, where economic development decouples from resource consumption, should be the principle and blueprint for Taiwan’s industrial transformation. Especially for the resource scarce Taiwan, traditional high energy and high material based development model of the linear economy is a great burden and challenge. It not only restricts Taiwan’s diverse innovative advantage, but also disposes the disadvantage of Taiwan’s shortage of resources.


In the past half-century with such kind of struggles, Taiwanese society and citizens were still able to create excellent economy growth with their resilience and hard work. However, Taiwan today facing the decrease of its competitiveness and the massive shifts in the global trends, we see an end of the linear economy. Yet, there is a common saying, “It’s not the end of the road, it’s just time to take a turn.”

Charles Huang

Foundation Founder

Introduction of Taiwan Circular Economy Network (TCEN)

Coming from an entrepreneur background, Mr. Charles Huang has founded “Circular Taiwan Network” and is currently on the board of Taiwan Composting Association, Hao Ran Foundation, and New Frontier Foundation. The mission of CTN is to help and foster an economic reform in Taiwan based on promoting the concepts of circular economy. TCEN can become an important platform for youths, enterprises, and governments to look for industrial development policies and to implement business models. Its main tasks are as below:

▲5 main tasks of TCEN
  • Connect with global development trends and promote new ideas of circular economy.

  • Share successful circular economy cases around the world.

  • Improve the efficiency and circularity of raw materials and products.

    • Provide circular economy related information on technology, products, services, talents, market trends, and strategic alliances.

  • Enhance the integration of the resource and energy between “industry, government, academia, research institute, and society” to foster the industrial transition and to create more employment opportunities.

    • Cooperate with young entrepreneurs to explore the startup opportunities in the circular economy framework.

    • Enable enterprises to understand the development trends and to be ready for the change in advanced.

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